Hi everyone,

Just thought this might be of interest to property investors, as it provides information on 15 types of property investments that you should avoid:

1.Investing in ‘Hotel rooms’ and/or Investing in ‘Student pods’

2.Overseas Hotspots in countries where you know very little about and where the legal system is different from the UK’s legal system and /or where the locals cannot afford the prices and cannot absorb the stock of properties offered to foreign investors.

3.Bargain properties with little or almost no rental demand, especially if they are located in the middle of nowhere.

4.Time-intensive investments like multi-let (especially if you’re busy).

5.Properties in areas (hotspots) that are over-saturated with investors.

6.The best house/flat in the worse street/block.

7.A low quality holiday let in areas with only seasonal rental demand.

8.Any property you have never viewed. Always make sure you visit the properties before you invest in them.

9.Off plan property in general, especially from any developer with no track record of completions.

10.A BTL property not in close proximity of public transport (underground, bus routes, trains).

11.Flats with very high service charges.

12.Property downwind of a sewage farm or close to noisy depot/factory

13.Investment Property close to pylons or mobile mast.

14.Property with subsidence or in designated flood areas and finally

15.NEVER fall in love with any property!

These are ONLY some basic principles we employ when investing in properties that you could find useful when purchasing properties as an investment. There are more detailed principles to consider and I will be dealing with those in the near future, so stay connected to my account and get more important updates on property investments.

Are there any other property investment types which you think should be avoided? Please leave your comments.

Mario Apostolou
Leading Property Expert


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